• To participate as an analyst on our platform you must have Enterprise DNA Membership. To bid on any project within the Analyst Cloud you must already have Enterprise DNA Membership. With membership you have the opportunity to showcase your skills even further with course completion certificates, certifications, activity on the Enterprise DNA Forum and much more. The more involved you get with Enterprise DNA’s education platform the more experience you can highlight within the Analyst Cloud.
  • Create a detailed and comprehensive profile showcasing all of your Power BI skills. The more detailed you are with your profile, the more likely you are to be successful in winning projects. We recommend not only being thoroughly descriptive in terms of your experience and technical abilities, but also look to showcase previous development work you have completed with Power BI. The profile section on the Analyst Cloud gives you all the opportunities you need to highlight your advanced analytical abilities.
  • Have realistic expectations around how long it can take to develop reports and Power BI models. Before agreeing to work on any project, look to understand all of the variables and technical challenges that you may face when working with your employer. Look to understand for example; their data, their technology infrastructure, all the relevant stakeholders, their desired output and more.
  • We recommend not committing to fix priced projects without extensive details around milestones and achievables. Please be very careful when signing up for fixed priced projects or engagements. There can be numerous unknowns and challenges that you may be faced with in any project and you should be as aware as you can be of these before you accept or start work on any engagement. Our recommendation is to value your time and work on an hourly or daily rate unless you are given a very detailed breakdown and timeline for a project.
  • We recommend gaining a full understanding of the entire project scope before agreeing to any work. Before starting any work make sure to have a comprehensive breakdown of all deliverables expected throughout the project agreed at start time. Doing this will prevent you working on any additional tasks that weren’t agreed at the beginning and prevent delays or a poor project outcome.
  • The best way to highlight your skills is to get involved in Enterprise DNA’s education offerings. The candidates who will be the most successful in winning project work on the Analyst Cloud will likely be those who are the most engage with Enterprise DNA’s education platform. This includes completing all the courses, getting your certification, participating in the forum and much more.
  • You are a valuable commodity so price your services appropriately. As a current member of Enterprise DNA you are truly a valuable commodity in the Power BI world. So our recommendation is to price your skills at an appropriate level to justify your advanced abilities and data analysis skills that you have obtained with your education from Enterprise DNA.
  • Only participate in projects that you know you can complete successfully. Only bid for projects that you feel confident in completing successfully. It is important that employers have confidence that those applying for their projects are able to fulfil their requirements in a reasonable time frame and at a more than adequate level.

How It Works

Scale Your Analytics Function By Accessing The Analyst Cloud

Discover what can be achieved by leveraging a human cloud of data experts from around the world

  • Access a tailored made digital network curated by Enterprise DNA
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  • Scale to multiple experts very quickly depending on your requirements
  • Embed a data culture into your organisation without expensive overhead
  • Develop a lasting competitive advantage by bringing in the right data experience